Technical Difficulties

I’ve been finding it a little hard to get my bearings. Turns out that I have exactly half & half on my review board. With the negative ones listed first. So now I HAVE to remind people to leave good review for me. I totally forgot about that shit. I haven’t been getting many calls lately. Normally my phone stays ringing but lately it’s just been a spur of the moment type of thing. To top it off I’m at a nice hotel where people break the rules and smoke bud in their rooms. Now I’m all for smoking bud and love Mary Jane as much as the next stoner but come on! This is a 3 star hotel so have some respect. It’d be almost $20 cheaper to stay here another night but I’d rather pay that extra little bit for something better. My only fear is that it’ll be too far down south. But at the same time, I’m thinking that because it is by a mall that it should be good. Plus tomorrow is Friday. I’m thinking that I might not even go to sleep. It’s already almost 4am so I’m going to use this time wisely.

It’s becoming more & more crucial to leave state. The inconsistency of calls really erks me. It’s consistent during it’s peak hours but then I only get like 1 in during those times. I hate that, people don’t want to book more than 2hrs ahead of time as if they’re entitled to be the only person I see. It’s frustrating.

The other day a regular came to see me. I guess a few weeks ago, I had texted him as I was about to be kicked out and on the streets. During this desperately low moment, I offered to go all the way with him for like $150 (just enough to keep me in doors) and of course, he couldn’t help me. So when he came to see me this time, he assumed that the deal was still on the table. I didn’t even remember sending him the text so I was completely thrown off. Gave him a special that would just get him outta my face. I was disgusted with myself more than I was disgusted with him. I worked so hard to be a therapeutic source more than a hooker. I don’t even enjoy sex with men. He probably won’t show again but I guess we shall see in the future.

I’ve had a few good clients since I’ve been back though. A few truck drivers who truly enjoyed themselves. Even when they realized that they couldn’t actually be inside of me, they still were left 100% satisfied. That made me a little happy. It’s just been a roller coaster week for me. I’m hoping that this weekend will pick up and evolve into the best ever. Keeping a good flow of income and sleep. I really gotta work on sleeping at night again. Or at least finding some kind of work at night if I’m going to be up. This ghetto place has cops just circling the building at night. It scares me to even smoke a cigarette out there. I went to smoke some bud last night and even went as far away from the building as possible. Unfortunately it’s illegal to smoke MMJ outside so a cop was kind enough to drive by. I was lucky that I had put out my blunt no more than 2mins before they drove by and had already lit a cigarette. I have to really start working on quitting that stuff. I want to quit cigarettes so that I can work on me more. I’m half tempted to take a bath after writing this and hitting the fitness room. Get a little work out in. I just need stuff to turn around for me. That way I can get into my real hustle mode & get outta this city quicker.

Well just thought I’d share my frustrations with ya. Life is never as easy as ya want it when you’re stuck living as the fantasy I swear lol

Feel free to add your two cents!

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