Hello there I’m Cat initially. Honestly, my name isn’t really all that important ha ha ha ha… no… I’m serious. My name is the furthest thing from important about me. The reason for this is because I go by many. And the name that was given to me at birth isn’t even going to be pronounced correctly by you anyway. So let’s let that go right now. By the way if you’re reading this in a public area, make sure no one is reading behind you if you have to save face. This is NSFW and will contain some strong language and shit. You see, I am the twisted fantasy and this is my life. I’m a young, intelligent lady that is stuck in the adult industry. Not stuck in the sense that I’m being forced or anything. I’m stuck on my own recognizes. I grew up a sheltered preacher’s kid and managed to fall into that bad girl route I guess you would call it. The day I turned 18 years old I went to the titty bar after school and got my friend and I a job. I was literally the youngest dancer in there. From there I picked up the typical good girl gone wrong habits.

Now I’m turning 26 years old in a little under a couple of weeks, and I can’t seem to get out of being “a fantasy” for cash. After being everything from a slut to porn… I’m currently an erotic masseuse transitioning into procurer and/or dominatrix. Fuck what you think if you’re judging me right now, but I bet you that my income makes yours look like you’re a bum. The problem is myself, I understand that. I’m constantly at a war with myself; my hopes, my fears, my emotions, my thoughts… all of me.

So I’m hoping that this will give me an outlet. I’m a millennial, I can’t help but wanna blog my life for all to read. I’m way to private for my programmed childhood and I need to somehow get some shit off my chest. Not literally ya pervs lol

Feel free to add your two cents!

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